My search for Miss Karen and how I became Lord of the Idiots

I always had this crush on this woman from High School and when I saw her again 30 years later,  the memories washed over me again.

She was a beautiful woman and I was content to have a silent crush on her  But Like all the fella’s of the day … I wanted to date her in HS. But looking back  at some old pictures of myself trying to date the ladies… I was going to have difficulty. The kids were scared …women were scared In fact all of NY was. Here I was in the beginning of my quest.

Obviously it would be a massive MASSIVE quest …Here is what I mean

Now I needed to get in shape, to get strong, because no one was gonna date the fat kid … I almost failed but I wasn’t going to give up the dream I wasn’t going to quit

But here I am at on my rehearsal date . Obviously I still needed a lot of work

Here I am not having discovered a razor yet nor read the book “how to pick up women” My dream of meeting her was far off. Fantasy Island far off

Here I am out of college living in NYC. Still a sounding like Steve Corell 40 Yr old virgin Was there any Hope for me?

But I was brave I continued to push forward but a blind date with this woman scared the hell out of me…you got to be careful about who you pick up in a bar and what bars you go to meet them in NYC. I almost didn’t survive

Then a miracle I became smooth…. suave…The women loved me …I had my choice …people thought I made a deal with the devil…no …just with MensWarehouse

I was hanging out with great people …I was excited as you can see below …I was going to take all my friends …my dream was close. I was off  to the Races  !!!!

I was ready for the show… I knew what I believed in and what I wanted

But here is what happened when I saw her walking up to me . I lost all my courage

Here is what happened when I saw her for the first time . I was the red M&M

…Oh well I went back to training.She left me .. I am the Lord of the Idiots … Thank God the above was only a dream  or was it !!!!.

Just my Imagination.