Historic find from 2008.SARAH PALIN’s “LOST” CONCESSION SPEECH FROM 2008!

Historic find from 2008.


Oh, jeez. Thank you. Jeez. Thank you. Jeez. Thank you. Thank you. Jeez.

My fellow Americans. I have three important words to say to you tonight:

Not. My. Fault.

Seriously: Look at John Mc over there. We never had a chance. He
couldn’t have won this election if I were Megan Fox in a bikini made of
old “National Reviews.”

Oh, don’t worry. That old moose can’t hear a damn thing over there. Look
at him smiling. Hey, maverick: Nice work on the economy! See? He can’t

But hear me tonight, America. You haven’t seen the last of me. I may
have been part of the losing team tonight, but like Jean-Claude Van
Damme said in my favorite movie, “Kindergarten Cops,” I’ll be back.

And next time, I’m doing it my way. No talking points. No sit-downs with
Katie Couric — who watches the CBS Evening News, anyway? Katie, I still
haven’t gotten you thank-you note for saving your job.

I’m not dragging my family around with me again, either. Look at poor
Todd. The hunky stage prop hasn’t tasted elk droppings or greased a snowmobile
chain in four months. My kids are angry, pregnant or both. Trig’s been
passed around onstage more than a Koran at an elite Washington media

But I’m coming back, America, because I care. I want our children to
grow up knowing America is a place where they can own a semiautomatic
and not “Catcher in the Rye.” I fear that Jesus gets less love in our
schools than a stegosaurus. I care than on any given day, my neighbors
in Russia (hi!) are planning a radical-Islamic takeover of our country
with PETA and Planned Parenthood. Bet you didn’t read about that in any
newspaper, Couric.

So see you soon. I’ve got your love, your attention and a pile of
pantsuits from Saks Fifth Avenue and I’m working on a plan to fleece you.

God bless America. Everyone and no one else… especially Bill Ayers and Keith Olbermann.

OK, your stage, old guy. No more hugs, I’m cutting you off.”


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