When somebody loves you “All the way” distance is not a roadblock!!!!

Friends are heading to the bars, but you’re staying home tonight. While they’re out trying to chat up every pretty face, you’re hanging with the girl you love best. But there’s a problem: she’s out of town—or doesn’t even live in your town. And while that’s harder than when she’s down the street, the Internet is making it easier. Apps like Skype and FaceTime may not provide the same intimacy as having your favorite lady next to you in bed, but you can still have fun and enhance your relationship..

1. Watch a movie together

With Skype and Facetime, you can literally have the same flick playing on your computers and be completely synced up. Only thing missing is your her on your shoulder. One way to compensate is to pick movies that allow for some degree of interaction. Think cheesy flicks that are begging for a constant soundtrack of wisecracks—depending on your personalities, that means just about anything starring Katherine Heigl or Nicolas Cage. The steady stream of laughter will be well worth it.

2. Go lingerie shopping

This is obviously one of my favorites. Women love shopping for lingerie, and a present for her is a present for you as well. When she brings her phone along, you can get all the fun of watching her pick out sexy underwear, then weigh in with your lascivious opinions. The best part? You don’t have to schlep all over the mall with her Victoria’s Secret bags. That’s what I call a win-win situation.

3. Take her out

Taking your girl out to dinner might come off as a little weird. Talking to an iPad over a plate of pasta is not exactly the best look. Still, you can take her on a tour of your favorite places around a city. Show her some of the coolest buildings, the spookiest graveyards and the goofiest burger stands. She’ll love it, and you’ll feel (almost) like she’s right there with you.

. Have dinner together

Gotta admit, the candle’s a nice touch.

No. 3 notwithstanding, dining with your iPad is fine… as long as you don’t do it in public. In the privacy of your own place, set up a nice table spread and have her do the same. Opt for a similar meal—think Chinese takeout. Enjoy lovely after-dinner conversation and drinks. Hope, as you would on any date, that things will progress a little further.

5. Ye olde cybersex

FaceTime and Skype make long-distance naughtiness easier and more enjoyable than ever. I can’t really get into the finer points here, but I’m guessing you can figure it out. It’s one of the safest kinds of sex that you can have, but a word of caution: be damn sure you can trust the girl. Otherwise, should the relationship go south, you might just find yourself on hotwankingdudes.com. Not cool.

6. Sing her a song

There are two types of women in this world: those who would like to be serenaded and those who would not. Assuming that your lady falls into the former category, you need to turn on your computer, break out the guitar and woo her music. The fact that you’re willing to do that when she’s far away will definitely set you apart from the pack.

7. Introduce her to your parents

You’re going to have to be pretty serious about her for this to be an option. You’ll also have to prep your parents for it by explaining your situation and perhaps even what Skype and FaceTime are. But if this is the only way that your special lady can meet the fam, go for it. Once the initial awkwardness passes, the day everyone actually meets will be go so much more smoothly.

But the bottom line is that long distance can work. It depends on your imagination. But have to find someone that isn’t afraid to admit they miss you. Someone that knows you’re not perfect but treats you as if you are. Someone who couldn’t imagine losing you. Someone who gives their heart to you completely. Someone who says I love you and proves it. Last but not least, find someone who wouldn’t mind waking up to you in the morning, seeing your wrinkles and grey hair but still falls in love with you all over again…

When you find that then you find out what love is


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