Places to keep your Love alive !!!! You can leave your hat on !!!!

To keep any love alive physically you have to use your imagination. Be careful though cause you may running!!!!

1.In the dark at work
2.On a airplane
3.On the balcony of your apartment
4.In the bathroom at your parent’s house
5.In the pool
6.On the couch with your roommate at home
7.On the stairs in your house
8.On the hood of your car
9.On the kitchen table
10.On the washing machine while it’s on
11.In a phone booth
12.In a dressing room
13.On a lifeguard station at night
14.In the back seat of a car on a secluded cul-de-sac or in the driveway
15.In the shower
16.On a ferris wheel
17.In a tree
18.In a tree house
19.In the back of a pickup truck as airplanes fly over you to come in for a landing
20.On a piano
21.In the bathtub
22.On a pool table
23.On a workout bench
24.On a lounge chair, pool side at night
25.In a water amusement park
26.On the sofa couch watching an X-rated show with your lover
27.In a secretive place where you work
28.In front of your computer in the chair with your special love
29.On the Augusta Ga golf course
30.In a hammock in the backyard under the stars
31.In a rest area off a major highway, in broad daylight
32.In the forest against a tree
33.In the bathroom during a big party
34.On a slide in a park at night
35.In a hospital room
36.Under a bridge with traffic passing over you
37.In a stairway at a hotel
38.In a tent
39.In a sleeping bag
40.Against a fence
41.In a field of wild flowers
42.On a waterbed
43.In the snow
44.In the back of a pickup under the stars
45.In a cave with the waterfall underneath
the cave
46.On an almost never traveled country road
47.On a dinner table with candlelight around it
48.In an expensive hotel
49.In a haunted house
50.Underneath the library’s tables
51.In a hot shower against the wall or in the bath
52.In a parking garage
53.On a diving board
54.In the public park in the fallen leaves
55.Under a park pavilion during a thunderstorm
56.On a swing
57.In a Sauna
58.On top of a lighthouse
59.In the sea
60.On a double decker bus
61.On a boat in NYC during July 4th fireworks with the Miss Liberty in the backround
Add to the list!!!!!!!


Love and electricity are one in the same…
If you do not feel the jolt in your soul everytime
a kiss is shared,
a whisper is spoken,
a touch is felt….
Then your are not really in love at all….”




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