For Immediate release: Mexican Astronaut fails Immigration…Mit Romney calls for immediate self – deportation

Tensions are mounting in Cape Canaveral ever since Shuttle Astronaut, Enrico Hispanico, failed to clear US immigration upon his return from orbit. Dr. Hispanico, Ph.D., the first Mexican in Space, ran into problems following a recent mission to deliver critical supplies to desperate Russian cosmonauts in the space station. Gotcha! public domain NASA; The discreetly scheduled vodka-run had been extended due to problems with heat shields and Hispanico’s visa expired during the final orbit. High-fiving Republican agents, thrilled at catching America’s first illegal alien, detained him pending a deportation hearing. NASA, who failed to check his paperwork before the return flight, will be forced to fly Hispanico back to the Space Station on their own dime unless he can secure a new visa. Adding insult to injury, Hispanico’s luggage was lost upon arrival and he is allegedly running short of astronaut diapers. Meanwhile, an irate Sean Hannity is calling for the proposed immigration wall to be extended into the Milky Way. “We need to stop these guys from taking American jobs,” Hannity told an audience on his show, “Is it just me or is the world coming to an end?”


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