Some crazy meals I have eaten in my Travels

The other day when I tried sushi for the first time I was reminded of all the other “delicacies” that I’ve been offered or have attempted to try to had second thoughts. So in no particular order;

Chitlins and Crawfish
Now when I was driving down to New Orléans I ran into some car trouble so I stopped in a small town . While they were fixing my car, a nice woman came out and gave me some chitlins and some crawfish ..NEVER had then before and didn’t know what they would taste like. Not to hurt her feelings I ate the chitlins. Now just the idea of finding out that I ate pig intestines swore me off for ever. But when the crawfish came out looking the bug they put in Neo in the first Matrix Movie, I started to have doubts . The next night while in the Louisiana I woke up thinking that I had looked out my window, saw a white horse and the horse looked at me an said “hello I’m Mr ED ”. Then Nic Cage as the Ghost Rider got on and galloped off . If Chitlins and crawfish combined have that effect on people then I see why it’s so popular

Now i am not talking about the Puerto Rican Boy band ( although i am sure these guys WERE delicious to 17 yr old girls. I am referring to the mexican dish of the same name. If you ask someone to tell you what menudo is they will tell you its stew made with tripe. But they wont tell you what tripe is.
Scene:1 “Would you like to try a traditional mexican dish called muendo? Sure Why not ?!!!
Scene:2 Would you like to eat the stomach lining of a cow …. No i think I will go to subway!!!.

Thats what tripe is the stomach lining of a cow

haggis (scotland )

Straight from the Scottish William Wallace Highlands comes haggis …a sausage that’s made from a sheep’s, heart, liver, lungs and boiled in the animals stomach for several hours . And just to give it that special touch ..intestines. Although is available in Scotland you will have a hard time getting it made here. Seems our laws forbid the sale of any animals lungs for human consumption. So let me understand this you can drink …you can smoke all day long if you want, but you can’t eat sheep lungs Sure that makes sense !!!

Hrutspunger ( Iceland )

This dish consists of rams testicles pickled in whey and pressed into little cakes . My friend with me took issue with this. He said “if you are going to eat another animals balls”….be a man… don’t spruce them up …cut the balls off … boil them.. sprinkle them with some salt, pepper and hot sauce and have at it.” Right then I knew one of us has been in Iraq way to long. Yep he ate it.
But that’s not the craziest dish in Iceland…. Words I thought i would never hear ” ” “fermented shark meat”. It goes like this ..a sharks caught ..cut up ..buried in sand for many months …hung to let the flavors develop…and then finally cut into smaller pieces . Once you eat this, they haul your insane self off to the asylum. Just the sheer lunacy of eating sharks in Iceland made me think twice

Rat and Birds Nest Soup (China)

With a rat the Chinese people are clearly subscribing to the idea of ” keep it simple stupid) With The Birds Nest Soup The chinese people go so far as to use the nest of a swallow in the soup ..why the real swallow isn’t used no one can answer…but something about eating twigs and bird saliva make this one special

Baiut (Philippines )

Cant decide if you want an egg or a full-grown poultry that it would produce ..thanks to our friends in the Philippines you don’t have to choose. This traditional dish consists of a hard-boiled fertilized duck egg with a three week old embryo inside it that looks like a tiny duck. THIS is considered an aphrodisiac .

All i can say is that if this turns someone on you have latent kinkyness about you

Kutti (India )

All I can say about this dish is that its only available if a pregnant animal is slain . What can be more calming for an expectant mother than eating the unborn remains of another species. My friends in India are creative


One response to “Some crazy meals I have eaten in my Travels

  1. Jeez those are some weird foods. I absolutely do not want to try anything that has rats or testicles in it. =| But I admit I’ve tried cow stomachs and intestines stuffed with rice and minced meat… they’re not so bad once you ignore the fact that you’re eating a cow’s guts. =x

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