A Remade Wizard of Oz for 2011 using Twitter and Facebook and an allstar cast of Hollywood stars

10 friends are going to Oz with you:
Wicked Witch of Prada: Meryl Streep
Cowardly Lion:Paul GIAMATTI
Representing the Lollipop Guild: Hugh Jackson
Good Witch of the North: Rachel McAdams
Tin Man: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Winged Monkeys: paparazzi
Scarecrow: Kanau Reeves
Toto: Emma Roberts
Aunty Em: Julia Roberts
Dorthy: Anne Hathaway
The Great and Powerful OZ: The Knome King; Tom Cruise

Centuries ago, when Hollywood was ruled by a wicked queen of Prada, Glinda the good witch of the north placed the Forbidden Prada Purse on the grounds of the Royal Palace of Tom Cruise. He and all his subjects drank the magic potion in it, and afterward grew wise together and thus built the The Emerald City of Hollywood AKA: CruiseTown

Dorothy Facebook’s Glinda on her first visit to CruiseTown to ask for her help in returning to Brooklyn. The Good Witch told her of the charm of the purse and the mystic powers of the Catwoman. But since she was from Canada and her work visa ran out she couldn’t accompany her. Her price to help Dorothy. She wanted to visit the Willie Wonka factory run now by an obviously Mad Johnny Depp.

Seems Johnny took the Red Pill and found out just how deep the Rabbit hole went and spends his days making hats. So she took the Golden Ticket from Dorothy and commanded the Winged Monkeys to carry the Scarecrow on the RedEye back to the Matrix the Cowardly Lion back to the forest where he was made king, the Tinman to Sacramento to rule as Emperor. She then gave a camara to all the Winged Monkeys, thereby freeing them to start the destruction of Cruise town

When the Wizard was deposed as King of Cruisetown, Glinda declined to help him regain the throne. Instead she initiated a search for the rightful ruler, Princess Katie the daughter of Toledo. She eventually learned that the Wizard had kidnapped Katie and taken her to the tower to be hidden away.

When Dorothy visited the Land of Cruise a second time, Glinda advised against her using the Princess Diaries to return home, suggesting that it would be lost forever like the time she had used before at a place called Saturday Night

Following the Wizard’s return to Oz, Glinda took it upon herself to instruct Mr Anderson (Scarecrow) in the magical arts of martial, and turn him into a real Wizard.

After reading in her Great Book of Brokeback about the Nome King’s attempt to reconquer Cruisetown, Glinda placed a spell on his career move to make him invisible to outsiders. It was called “Operation Mission Impossible”

When Dorothy went to the tribes of the Skeezers and the Flatheads on the Island of Brooklyn and was trapped in the underwater island of the Skeezers, Glinda assembled a group of counselors through Twitter to help bring the underwater island back above water thus saving Dorothy for her meeting with the Catwoman

Now the Wicked Witch had only one eye, but it was as powerful as a telescope, and could see everywhere. She always carried an umbrella with her, and made a point to avoid contact with water. It was said that she was so wicked, the blood in her had dried up many years ago.

Long ago, the Wicked Witch conquered the CruiseTown with the help of the Winged Monkeys and Roger Rabbit. She was a tyrannical ruler and made Oscar her slave. Once the Great Oz tried to recapture the Country, but with the help of the Winged Monkeys, she was able to fight him off.

The Winged Monkeys were once a free people, living in the forests of Los Angeles . They were carefree, but rather mischievous. One day the King of the Winged Monkeys, as a prank, tossed a richly dressed man into a river, ruining his costume of silk and velvet. The man, whose name was TMZ, was good natured enough, but his fiancée, a sorceress named US was furious, and punished the Winged Monkeys by making them the slaves to the Oscar, who ever ruled Cruisetown and her husband, the now feared TMZ.

After she had ruled for many years, the The nome King sent Dorothy and her companions to destroy the Witch. In self-defense, she sent every creäture she commanded:

First she used the whistle around her neck to command Kate Hudson to kill Dorothy and her friends. Scarecrow and Tin saw them coming and the Tinman in a idea of genius booked the Plaza so she couldn’t get into the building

Then and summoned the Lollipop Guild: 1000 Hugh Jackman to peck out the eyes of Dorothy and her friends. But they were so excited to see Dorothy that they all started singing Tom Jones “Shes a Lady”
Angered, the Wicked Witch blew her whistle three times and screamed “This is Sparta’. When told she wasn’t in that movie, She summoned a battalion of Angry Birds to sting them to death. While Dorothy, Toto, and the Cowardly Lion were covered in Scarecrow’s straw, the birds all died when the Scarecrow put up his hand and they all fell to the ground.

Then she sent a troop of Winged Monkey slaves wielding 8mm camaras to kill the group like a flash mob. But not all of them came because they didn’t have ATT 4G Phones so they didn’t get the message in time on Twitter Thus they were scared away by the Cowardly Lion as he grabbed all the camara’s and ripped out the film. Seems the Wicked Witch knew nothing about Digital.

With all avenues failed the Witch tried to steal the powerful Silver purse from Dorothy She became so angry that she threw a bucket of water on the Witch, which melted her into a brown, shapeless mass putting an end to her wickedness. As she was melting like a liquid terminator she all to easily morphed into different people including to everyone’s shock, ‘ The nome King; Tom Cruise.

With all the Rulers gone, Dorothy didn’t know what to do. Suddenly her Iphone rang. It was the Good Witch from the North. It seems she was still stuck in customs.

It appeared that she had got updated through her twitter account “Dorothy you have the power to meet the Catwoman all along” she said Its in you Just click your Air Jordans 3 times and say ‘ I believe I can FLY…I believe I can touch the sky”.

Dorothy immediately dropped her phone and closed her eyes….. I believe I can FLY…I believe I can touch the sky”. I believe I can FLY…I believe I can touch the sky”. I believe I can FLY…I believe I can touch the sky”. Over and over. Suddenly she opened her eyes and couldn’t believe her eyes.

She was back in Brooklyn after all …In the mirror….She was the Catwoman the whole time. Dorothy smiled “gotta call aunty on this one”

The end


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