A Refugee camp in Darfur

A few yrs ago I went to the a refugee camp on stretch of the austere desert in Chad, just across the border from the Darfur region of Sudan with a family member who worked with Doctors without Borders. There I remember 14 yr old girl who malnourished, her family gone. I was told by the doctor that he believed she had been raped dozens of times and she wasn’t expected to survive.

I spent the night talking to her and the other children telling them all the childhood stories I could remember .. i wanted to make her smile and laugh. The next day she was moved. Through the magic of technology I was “friended” by her through Facebook. She is alive, healthy, living in England and said “she remembered me saying “never give up’ . The point is that you never know how you touched someone. I thought I would give this child one day of Happiness and that day as she said, was the day she felt that “there was still good in the world”‘ .

When you do things not expecting anything in return sometimes a greater good comes. The bottom line is that we all inhabit this earth for a short time…we all breathe the same air… we all travel on paths possibly never to come back. We are all mortal….so be someone memorable


2 responses to “A Refugee camp in Darfur

  1. This is a really beautiful post. 14 and raped DOZENS of times. Raped once is a horror ordeal. Good on you for inspiring her – and facebook friends? Wow! I hope she’s okay in England, happy there.

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