Radiate success AND successful people will gravitate to you, its the biggest gift you can give to yourself.

You probably know that if you radiate success people will treat you better. Look at 16 habits and ideas that project an image of prosperity. You can prosper by branding yourself as successful. Let us get down to business…

1 – Game Theory

Treat personal branding as a game. Looking good is a game. Learn to play the game. If people think you are successful, they will treat you better. They will want to be associated with you; they will make you feel better. If you feel better, your dominant thoughts will be empowering. You will gravitate towards positive thoughts. You become what you think about. Play this right and you will be on your way to success.

2 – Body Image

An in shape body is nice to look at. Are you in shape ? Does your body make you cringe when you look at yourself in the mirror or does it light up your face with pride? You can attain a better body through exercise, eating right and stay clear of vices such as drugs and alcohol. Work out towards your dream body. Stay in shape. Above all, be happy with the way you look, others can tell if you are happy with your body or not.

3 Face Value

You may get to meet people online, on email, through correspondence or via phone. But finally a day comes when you put a face to the character. What does your face say about you? Do you have a successful looking face? Do you look confident?

Smiling in 42 languages is a great way of enhancing your face, putting people at ease and propping up your personal brand. It is a great way to make a perfect first impression.

4 – Barber Shop

For men, trimming your hair and shaving regularly helps project a better image. Set a date with your barber regularly.

For ladies, spend time making that hair look good. Having a bad hair day? Not doing your hair right can affect how you feel and how you carry yourself. Do your personal brand a favor and get the best hairstyle you can afford. Get a hairstyle suitable for the occasion, your body type, your skin color etc.

5 – Dress to Kill

Thou shalt not kill unless it is done through perfect dressing. Make sure you wear the appropriate attire for the occasion. Be comfortable in what you wear. Only wear clothes that suit your body type. Buy twice as expensive clothes and buy half as many. Expensive clothes are generally more durable, but be sure to dress within you budget.

6 – Different Car

A great car speaks volumes about the driver. Same guy, different car, will attract more attention from the ladies. Yes I said it. Think of cars like Porsche, BMW, Hummer, Ferrari, Mercedes etc. They radiate success and project prosperity.

Decide early what a car means to you. Do you want to rent, buy or lease? A car is a depreciating liability. Do not overreach for the sake of image. It can cost you more than the marginal gain in image that you might gain. Think of your financial position before splurging on a top car.

7 – Neighborhood watch

Have you seen the Eminem movie 8 Mile? What side of 8 mile do you live in? What does your pad say about you? What does it communicate about you even before you open your mouth? Where you hang out, shop or work also determines your image. Before you pack your belongings and move to a better neighborhood, think of your long term viability. There is nothing worse than leaving a bad hood, going to live in Malibu or Beverly Hills, and then having to move back when your fortune dwindles.

8 – Subtle Bragging

Open braggarts are such a turn off. They are universally despised but might be tolerated. Avoid massaging your own ego. Do not show off your possessions especially to those who might be less fortunate as you. Be humble.

In the other hand, subtle bragging can get you noticed. It can work wonders in your personal branding efforts. Have you noticed any form of subtle bragging on this blog? lol. You can weave your achievements into stories. Casually drop an accomplishment in conversation without making the accomplishment the center of your conversation.

You can also accomplish landmark achievements that leave others talking about you. Let others brag about you on your behalf.

9 – Be Scarce

You are familiar with the laws of supply and demand right? The more available you are to people, the more likely they are to take you for granted. Increase your value by being scarce. Go MIA (Missing in Action). Familiarity breeds contempt. Learn to excuse yourself after you have met your objectives. You are a busy man (or woman) remember?

10 – Communication 501

Learn the right words for the right situation. Increase your vocabulary. People can tell a lot about you by the kind of words that come from your mouth. Your words can give away your social economic background even when you may look like a million bucks.

Learn to listen. You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that ratio. Take a genuine interest in others and seek to find out what makes them tick. Be informed about various topics that can help you sustain conversation even with strangers. What is your pet topic? What do you default to?

11 – Finer Things

The finest things in life are priceless. But there are a few big ticket items and ideas that can make you seem more successful. Be a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Perhaps you could play polo, have a cigar, and immerse yourself in the world of art. Just be careful not to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer income. It may come back to haunt you.

12 – Birds of a Feather

Show me your friends or who you date and I will tell you what kind of person you are. If you hang out with crooks and losers, people will brand you guilty by association. Be careful whom you let into your space. Network with successful people and re-engineer yourself to be comfortable around successful people, if you are not naturally comfortable around the.

13 – Good Manners

Good manners don’t cost you a thing. People probably miss to see your good manners, but if you replace good manners with bad, people are bound to remember.

Open doors for the ladies, learn to say the magic words “thank you” and “please”. Look people in the eyes when talking to them. When greeting others, offer a firm handshake. Do not interrupt when others or talking or give the impression that you are just waiting for our turn to speak.

14 – Travel the World

Go to exotic destinations and talk about it. Have a global network of friends; take photos with them in their locations. Come back to your local with tales from different cities. Enthrall others with your travel stories and bond with others who have had similar experiences. Carry souvenirs from various continents, countries and cities.

15 – Attitude is everything

Thoughts are real. You become what you think about. Fill your mind with empowering thoughts and a winning attitude. Think you are a winner, look like a winner, behave like a winner and you will become a winner. Success or failure is all in the mind.

16 – Be Yourself

Be happy in your own skin. Do not fake like, you only live once. Do not be a mini version of someone else. Embrace your originality, quirks and personality. Be confident in yourself. Do not doubt your own abilities. If you are not self assured, how are others expected to be confident of you? Accept yourself just as you are. That is the biggest gift you can give to yourself.


We have looked at various habits and ways of projecting a more attractive personal brand. Radiating success brings success to your life. Not all habits are good or applicable to you, but I hope you have picked something that you can put to use.


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