Being George Clooney

” if you’ve overwhelmingly failed at everything and still project true confidence, others will be even more drawn to you because you’re a real enigma. ”

The wise Master Yoda, George Clooney once said: “I’m certainly the last person to give advice on, well, anything.”

College school reunion is coming up. You RSVP’d and spent the money, but now regret it. In school, You were never that popular and didn’t keep up any friendships afterward. You always thought You’d go to the reunion and make others jealous for ignoring you before. But after reconnecting with classmates on Facebook, The whole thing sounds silly now. Should You just blow it off? What would George Clooney do?

The question is not whether you should or should not go to the reunion. The question is what it will take for you to grow a pair of Clooney cojones.

It doesn’t matter what your former classmates think. You’ve avoided them for 10 years; you can always go another decade. What matters is how little you seem to think of yourself.

Channel Clooney constitution: Step 1….. Drink THE koolaid

Imagine you’re Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for a moment (because he’s closer to your age than Clooney). Now imagine Zuckerberg with your mindset going to the reunion. Do you think the popular kids would be envious? No, they’d say, “How pathetic. He has $4 billion and he obviously still cares what we think.”

It does not matter what you’ve accomplished. Others will react to how you carry yourself. In fact, if you’ve overwhelmingly failed at everything and still project true confidence, others will be even more drawn to you because you’re a real enigma.

Upon first moving to Hollywood, George Clooney sat in on acting auditions. He noticed, “The best actor never gets the job. You get the job when you walk in the door. Because in a weird way, we’re not selling acting. What we’re selling is confidence.” The same applies with socializing.

Clooney up

Imagine George Clooney were in your situation. He wouldn’t waste another minute worrying. The travel plans have already been made so there’s nothing to stress over. It wouldn’t even cross Clooney’s mind again until the date to leave pops up on his Blackberry calendar. Only then does he decide if he feels like going or not. He knows that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter either way.

“People love to talk about themselves. Yet, truly successful and confident people don’t hog the limelight. ”

If George Clooney decides to go, it’s because he believes it will be fun, not to show others up. He wears a nice but casual suit because overdressing for such occasions screams a need for attention. He goes solo, a date is more baggage and introducing her to everyone is a chore. A beautiful woman is often just a crutch for guys with social anxiety.

At the function, George Clooney loves seeing old acquaintances and laughs about his favorite stories from high school. When others ask about his life, he keeps things light and turns the conversation back to them. People love to talk about themselves. Yet, truly successful and confident people don’t hog the limelight.

George Clooney overlooks people who used to ignore him, but he’s friendly if they approach him. Spotting his old rival, the guy who made his life hell, Clooney approaches, stares him down and says, “You got a lot of nerve coming here you son of a bitch.” The crowd is silent. His puffy rival is shocked and scared. Clooney laughs and hugs him, “I’m kidding, you stupid idiot.” Everyone laughs.

If George Clooney does anything crass, it would be banging the head cheerleader in the bathroom after a few scotches. She went to prom with his rival instead of him. After they’re done, she gives Clooney her phone number. He never calls. Clooney is perfect but he’s no angel.

Holding onto grudges and insecurities is never healthy, especially for 10 years. Put them behind you where they belong and then reconsider if you really want to go. Either decision you make is the right choice. Don’t question it in hindsight.

closing clooney thought

Think of yourself as Ryan Bingham, Clooney’s Oscar-nominated character in Up in the Air. He is constantly traveling into hostile situations where people hate him. However, he doesn’t let others dictate his feelings about himself. The employees he fires don’t weigh on him. They disappear when he steps on the plane home. Be more Ryan Bingham and others, especially people from 10 years ago, won’t decide your self-worth.

Ending a relationship

Clooney up
George Clooney is God’s gift to acting, obviously. But Clooney would know even he couldn’t mask his unhappiness every day. Your girlfriend must already suspect on some level the relationship is no longer on the levels of Danny and Tess Ocean. Even subtle body language speaks volumes to women.

Knowing his girlfriend is conscious of her coming demise, Clooney does not keep her dangling. At her place, he sits her down and says directly: “We both know this is not working. I’m sorry, but we have to end this tonight.” He holds eye contact, even though it’s uncomfortable, to show his decision is resolute. “I know the wedding is in a few months and though it will be awkward, let’s agree to put our emotions aside. It is our friends’ day.” Finally, he promises not to bring a date but doesn’t demand she do the same. After all, the breakup is his decision. If she needs to do something as petty as bring a date to the wedding, so be it. He can always pick up a stray bridesmaid on the down-low.

No matter how much she cries or begs, Clooney does not change his disposition. If she wants breakup sex, he lets her know this is the last time. Notice earlier he said “end this tonight.” He already took into account the goodbye sex clause.

Clooney was able to put aside his feelings for Renee Zellweger after they broke up in 2001. It could have been awkward at Hollywood premiers, but the two became friends instead and did Leatherheads together. (Although maybe they shouldn’t have — not his best work.)

You need to do it now. Don’t overthink it. There is no easier way around it. She’ll be sad and possibly angry. The more time you give her before the wedding, the more time she will have to realize you’re right.

closing clooney thought
Ending a relationship is not a matter of life and death. To put this in perspective, think of the film Syriana. George Clooney’s character, CIA agent Bob Barnes, knows that he may lose his job and life if he blows the whistle on illegal arms trafficking. But he makes the hard choice and does the right thing. That’s why this character won Clooney an Oscar. You don’t want to be Matt Damon’s character in Syriana. He just goes with the flow because it’s easy, even when he can see things are getting bad. Nobody gave that character an award.

As you see All things are clear when you channel the power of Master Clooney


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