A true story being made into a movie for those who love Horror

Dyatlov Pass is located in the Northern Ural Mountains. It’s in a remote region of Russia that gets few visitors, thanks in part to the extremely harsh conditions it experiences in the winter months, when temperatures can drop as low as forty degrees below zero. It’s a veritable wasteland, but it’s also the sight of one of the strangest unsolved mysteries of the last fifty years.

The Story

In 1959, a group of nine experienced hikers and skiers—mostly students from a nearby university—arrived at the pass during an overland trek through the Urals. They were set to telegraph a message back to town midway through their trip, but after days with no word a rescue party was sent. What they found in the Dyatlov Pass was a scene of unexplainable terror. Five of the hikers were found dead near their tents, dressed in nothing but their underwear and frozen from the icy cold. Another four bodies were found months later, buried beneath the snow. One was missing a tongue, and all showed signs of strange skull and chest fractures that could only have been caused by a force of great magnitude. Even stranger, all the bodies were found to have unusually high levels of radioactive contamination.

The Movie

The still unsolved case of the incident at Dyatlov pass is ready made premise for a horror movie. Whether it’s a story of alien invasion or some killer mountain creature is irrelevant; what’s important is that the backdrop is absolutely true, and reality is usually much creepier than fiction can ever hope to be.

For those who love horror


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