Ways to bring Romance and Hot Nights into your life !!!!

Make your evening together sizzle by leaving trails of red rose petals to a romantic surprise such as a steaming bubble bath, an intimate gift, a romantic dinner for two, or to you–wearing nothing but a ribbon. Whatever your romantic surprise is, be sure to include candles, red wine, soft music, and, of course, more red roses. The evening is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable one!

Have a steamy bubble bath waiting for your love. Scent the water with fragrant rose oil, put softly glowing candles (also rose scented if possible) around the tub, and float rose petals on the top. When your love gets in the tub, slowly lather him or her up with soft soap and thoroughly massage neck, shoulders, chest, and arms. Pause long enough for a kiss or two, and continue your sensuous work. Rinse your love with warm water, and let your passion lead you from there.

Buy one dozen roses. Write intimate messages on tiny sheets of paper, clearly stating what you’d like your love to do to you tonight. Roll the papers up and attach one to each rose stem with ribbon. Hide the roses and dress in something alluring–or nothing at all. When your love walks in the door, tease him or her with a kiss and some affectionate rubbing. But don’t let him or her go too far, because the game is on. Your love must find and read out loud all twelve rose coupons before he or she can cash in for a wonderful evening with you.

Gently remove some petals from some roses and place them about the house, keeping track of how many petals there are. Leave a note on the door for when your love gets home saying that you’ll give them a kiss for every rose petal he or she presents to you. Add that if your love finds all of the petals, then you’ll give him or her whatever is desired.

Write your love a sensual letter that describes what you’d like him or her to do to you (if you need help, you can chose and print a letter from the Secret Love Letter Section). Add a bit of cologne, rose petals, and seal. Put the letter on your love’s pillow. Add more rose petals, and get ready for an intimate night.

Make it an extra hot night. Put red rose petals on the sheets and around your love’s pillow. Get out the oil. Heat it up for a few minutes in hot water. Turn down the lights and turn on the music. Have your love lie down in a bed of roses for an intimate massage that’s followed by kissing and caressing.

Give your love an intimate gift, such as sexy lingerie, a bottle of intimate oil, etc.. Put the gift in a white box and garnish with metallic ribbon, pink or red tissue paper and red rose petals. Wear something alluring and present the gift to your love. Be sure to include the gift in the evening’s fiery fun.

Is it a beautiful day for a romantic picnic? You can make it all the sweeter. Get your picnic packed, being sure to include some red wine or champagne, strawberries, and a couple of glasses. Then take a white sheet, spray with a bit of fragrance and add some rose petals. Carefully roll the sheet up and tie with a red ribbon. Pack separately from the food items. Unroll the sheet when you get to the picnic spot for a sensual meal and some intimate romance for dessert.

Gather the most beautiful roses you can find. You’ll need at least a dozen roses for this scenario. Take the roses and spell out the words, “I love you” on the dash of your love’s car or somewhere else where he or she is sure to see it. This will made a bold statement about your adoration and will reveal just how deep your feelings go.

Are you ready for a hot date? Here’s one sure way to make it all the hotter. Before you pick him or her up, put rose petals on and around your love’s seat. You could even tuck some silky petals in the mirror. Make up a reason why your love need’s to look in the mirror. When the mirror is pulled down, petals will cascade gently down to inspire affection that will last the whole evening. Quite simply, he or she will adore you for this thoughtful and romantic act.

This will take some advance planning and preparation. Grow some roses in your garden–make sure they’re a fragrant variety. When they mature, send your love an envelope full of petals with a short message about how they were grown in your own garden for the one you love. This act of love will speak your heart louder and stronger than any words possibly could.

Buy a beautiful red rose and gently remove most of the petals. On a small strip of paper, write a short romantic sentence about your feelings for your love such as specific reasons why you admire and love him or her. Roll up and wrap a rose petal around the message. Attach the rose to the petal with thin ribbon. Write more messages and repeat for the remainder of petals. Put the messages in a white box on a bed of romantic sheer fabric or heart printed tissue paper. Top with the rose and add a short message, explaining that the rest of the rose petals hold what’s in your heart. Your love will always appreciate this heartfelt and romantic gift and will return to the messages often.

Have a florist send your love 11 roses at a specific time. Show up at the door shortly afterward with the 12th rose. Here’s another version–if you’re going away on a trip. Have a florist deliver 11 roses on the day before you return. When you get home, inspire a romantic evening by presenting the remaining rose.

Give him or her a single different colored rose each week. Place it somewhere where he or she is sure to find it–along with a note attached, explaining what that color of rose means and how it pertains to your heart or your relationship.

Another variation. Give him or her a bouquet of different colored roses and write a romantic message explaining what each rose color in the bouquet means.
The Meaning of Roses
All roses symbolize love, but each rose has a special symbolic meaning. So before you send your love roses, make sure you know what your precious gift is saying to your love’s heart.
Rose Colors
• Red
• Dark Red
• Yellow
• Peach
• Dark Pink
• Light Pink
• White
• Red/Yellow
• Coral or orange
• Deep Burgundy

Passion, respect, love, strength
Inner beauty, love, passion
Joy, gladness, freedom, commitment
Gratitude, admiration, sympathy, sincerity
Grace, gentility, appreciation, tenderness
Admiration, sympathy, happiness, friendship
Reverence, Purity, Secrecy
Happiness, endless joy
Desire or enthusiasm
Endless inner Beauty

Other Meanings
• Two roses joined together symbolizes engagement.
• A Red and White Rose together symbolizes Unity.
• A single red rose in bloom says, “I love you!”
• Tearoses symbolize “I’ll always remember you.”
• Rose leaves are a symbol of hope.
• Red rose buds mean pure, beauty, or lovely.
• White rosebuds symbolize innocence or youth.
• A rose in bloom placed over two buds means secrecy.
• No thorns represent a truce or no fighting.

Touch your love’s heart in a way that he or she will never forget. Get a bag of chocolate kisses and one dozen roses. While he or she is away, put a message on the front door that says, “Follow the trail of kisses,” and leave a trail of chocolate kisses to the bathroom. There, attach the roses to the shower head with red ribbon. Include a note that says, “I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, and now I’ve showered you with roses.”

Get a beautiful light colored full rose that has several petals. Carefully write tiny messages of love on each petal, such as: “I need you,” “I love you,” “You’re beautiful,” etc. This act of love is sure to set the mood for a romance.

Or for a more sensual version, write specific things that you’d like to do to your love and would like him or her to do to you. Present the rose along with a bottle of champagne for a sizzling romantic evening.


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