Crazy Ideas for new Movies

Either I took the blue pill and fell deep into the rabbit hole or I am just bored a bit. In the words of Heath Ledger as the Joker ‘HERE WE GO ”

Ben Afleck, Anne Hathaway in ” The DareDevil Wears Prada”

Samuel Jackson Toby Maguire in “Deep blue Seabisquit”……the story of a long shot who ate a Reece peanut butter cup and became delicious

Tom Hanks, Rachel McAdams in “Midnight in Paris’s Garden Of Good and Evil” Tom Hanks discovers the Notebook of the Time Traveler’s wife and Vows to battle the evil secret Canadian cult to save the Catholic Church

Red Dawn of the DEAD……the only thing worse than zombies is Communist Zombies

The Beatles in ‘ Die a Hard days Night” …high above LA a team of terrorist’s have seized a building and declared war on rock and roll…one band managed to escape, and the fab 4 is the only chance anybody has to hear Good music again

Dr Strange Love …or how I learned to stop worrying and Love Actually

Julia Roberts Kiefer Sutherland in the “The Cannonball Runaway Bride of Chucky” …..”I am telling you for the last time …I dont want to hurt you but I will”…see who wins the epic battle

Christian Bale Ben Stiller in “The Dark Knight at the Museum ” starring Batman and Teddy and a adorable T-REX

Robert Downey Jr in ‘Ironman of LA Macha” ….this time the windmills don’t stand a chance

Jennifer Connolly and John Belushi in “Animal House of Sand and Fog”

Bruce Lee and Jaye Davidson In “The Crying Game Of Death”

Mickey Rourke in ‘District 9 1/2 Weeks” ….first they made love then they threw up

Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Jazz Singer”….Party like its 1927 again

D W Griffiths remake “The Birth of the National Lampoon Vacation”

Jennifer Garner in “Friday the 13th going on 30″ …a comedy for the Killer in all of us

George Clooney Eddie Griffith in ” Undercover Brother ..Where art thou”

Edward Olmos Bert Reynolds in ‘ Stand and Deliverance ‘

Patrick Swayze Kid N Play in “RoadHouse Party”

Hugh Jackman Edward Norton in “American History X-MEN”

Will Smith in “The King and I Robot”…one man saw it coming

Christian Bale in ‘ The Dark Knight in Rodanthe” ….because everyone deserves a second chance

Steve Busemi, Meridith Viera in ” ReservoirDog Millionare ‘

Grizzly Bear “On a Wire”….Great story until the Bear Kills Him

Kim Kardasian,Paris Hilton,Lindsey Lohan, in “The Breakfast Fight Club ”

Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Kindergarten RoboCop”…..cause a brother gotta work

Julia Roberts Kiefer Sutherland in the “The Cannonball Runaway Bride of Chucky” …..”I am telling you for the last time …I don’t want to hurt you but i will”…see who wins the epic battle

Tommy Lee Jones in ‘ Men in Black Swan”


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