What do you think would be the most awkward but (somewhat) realistic casting for a romantic comedy today

This would be the greatest thing that ever happened to Us Weekly, they’d get 10 straight covers out of that. Then I thought, “Wait a second … wasn’t the Aniston-Jolie-Pitt love triangle the greatest thing that ever happened to Us Weekly?”

Brad and Jen were THE golden couple of the last 30 years. Every woman in America looked at them as the absolute ideal. Yes, Aniston was a big TV star, but she was relatable enough that when she bagged Brad, women everywhere believed that THEY could have that same happy ending. And Angelina was fresh off of making out with her brother, wearing vials of blood around her neck and Billy Bob in the limo on the way to movie premieres. But she was also legitimate because she had an Oscar, making her a Jessica Rabbit cartoon-level-impossible vixen. Every woman’s nightmare. It can’t be topped because you’d have to emotionally invest in a couple to the point people were invested in Brad and Jen. We’re too cynical at this point to ever buy into an ideal like that again. But even if we did, you’d then have to create a vixen of epic proportions. We’d have to have YEARS invested in the golden couple’s perfection AND the vixen’s craziness. After all of that, the vixen would have to cross paths with the guy in the golden couple, and literally steal him away from America’s sweetheart. I mean, when you break it down like that … does that even remotely sound possible? But it happened!”

Only one thing could beat it: If Tiger got with Jen first, then dumped her for Angelina, thus stealing Angelina from Brad. And then, the world would end just like the Mayan’s predicted only 3 yrs later

Just a thought: WHAT if Rick takes his Walking Dead Dead crew to Boston…runs into the aliens in Fallin Skys …then decides to leave but finds out the West is now the Forbidden Zone run by the Planet of the Apes. He decided to stay in Sleepy Hollow where a bad ass headless horseman runs a around with a machine gun. His head would probably explode . Carl would probably shrug and just reload.

Q: What do you think would be the most awkward but (somewhat) realistic casting for a romantic comedy today

7. Mike Tyson and Robin Givens. Yes Bring back the 80’s

6. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston; Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (tie). Somehow I see Jen Garner and and Miss Jolie morphing into a female Terminator before they let that happen.

5. Jack Nicholson and Megan Fox. Unless Jack turns into a Transformer cant see it happening.

4. Chris Brown and Rihanna. Sorry. But it would be remarkably Man Down awkward.

3. The Gyllenhaals. I like this idea because, once and for all, it would take the whole “Look, I am an actor and even though I am passionately making out with my same-sex co-star right now, it’s only because I am playing a role and not feeling any actual passion” concept to another level. Let’s say you wrote an amazing script called “Adopted By Love,” in which two people were engaged but didn’t realize that the girlfriend was given up for adoption as a baby by the parents of the boyfriend. And let’s say you offered the Gyllenhaals $60 million combined to play the lead roles and even make out a few times. If actors are always “acting” — like Jake did with Heath Ledger in “Brokeback Mountain” — how is this different? You’re an actor! Would I want to see this? Of course not. But still, it’s acting! Sorry Anne Hathaway I know he’s your buddy

2. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. To Impossible to consider

1. A romantic comedy in which John Stamos falls in love with two twins at the same time and neither of the twins knows the other likes Stamos … and the twins are played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Name me anyone who has ever seen “Full House” who wouldn’t be cringing. I can’t handle it. Let’s just move on; my skin is crawling. You know this would be traumatic since I’d rather see the Gyllenhaals make out.

In “Fatal Attraction” alone, Michael Douglas manages to put together a Anthony Hopkins performance, a series of faces that touch upon utter astonishment, terror, rage and bewilderment, often all at once.

You’ve got the “She’s Unzipping My Pants in an Elevator, and I Look Like I’ve Just Been Shot by a Sniper” Face, the “Wait, Did She Just Say She’s NOT Getting an Abortion?” Face, the “My Home Telephone Keeps Ringing, and I Can’t Make it Stop” Face, the “Seriously? She’s Calling My Office? Doesn’t She Realize This Was Just a Freakin’ One-Night Stand?” Face, the “Oh God, She’s in My Apartment, and She’s Talking to My Wife” Face, the “I’m Feeling Completely Impotent as I Hold a Rabbit in a Cage and Slowly Come to the Realization that My Car’s Been Vandalized” Face, the “I’m Listening to Her Taunt Me on a Cassette Recording and Saying Things Like ‘I Bet You Don’t Even Like Girls!!!! Ha!!!’ … And I Can’t Do Anything About It” Face, the “I’m Staring Pensively at the Rain Because I Now Know I’m About to Lose Everything” Face, and my personal favorite, the “I’m Trying to Strangle Glenn Close, and For Some Reason I Look Like I’ve Just Eaten a Bad Batch of Oysters” Face.

Now THAT’S a body of work. Mix in Douglas’ strong Face performance in “Basic Instinct” (the “She Just Uncrossed Her Legs and Flashed Me Her Privates” Face, anyone?), and this guy needs a wing in the Face Hall of Fame.


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