127 hrs and doing what is necessary to Achieve your Dreams

When I saw the movie 127 hrs I was reminded of this thought. The world has a way of giving whats demanded of it. If you’re frightened and look for failure and comforts as a blanket it will find you no matter how hard you may try. Lack of faith in yourself in what life will do for you cuts you off from the good things in the world. Expect victory and you will make victory

When Donald Trump was 9 billion dollars in debt in the early 90″s people predicted his demise. After Lance Armstrong survived cancer did he not race again. There is an old saying ” a bet against a champion is a bad bet” I couldn’t agree more. Most people quickly become demoralized by defeat and quickly slink back to their comfort zones. Champions know that large-scale success is based on a series of setbacks and comebacks. But for most Its easier to be a “fan” of a movie star than it is to do the work to become one. For most its easier to complain about the “rich” then it is to turn off the TV. In the movie the easiest choice was to give up.

World class performers know that facing their biggest doubts, fears and worries are the greatest challenge . They are willing to endure the sleepless nights and endless worries as they walk the razors edge. They’re profoundly aware that one slip could send everything that they build crashing down yet they continue to build. They are often criticized and ridiculed by their friends who see them as a threat to their lack of engagement. Accept that the result to life is the same for everybody and since no one is immortal, there is no point in playing it safe. So what average people view as risks champions view as playing the game while there still time on the clock

I am going to be climbing Mt Everest. In my life I have been in 3 wars as a soldier in the US ARMY. I have traveled to 46 states in this great country of ours…I have been to 32 different countries and my philosophy of life can be summed up like this

Every one of you can be Anne Hathaway or Donald Trump. You have all the powers you’ve never dreamed of . You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations in your own mind as to what you cannot do. Don’t think you cannot. Think you can

Me… I am going to the top of the mountain. You are either going to see me waving from the top or dead on the side. But you know what ? I’m not coming down until I reach it.


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