A letter from a hopeless Romantic


A letter from a hopeless romantic

To whomever may find this letter:

I do not know your name, the color of your eyes, your favorite book, or where you spend Friday afternoons. I do not know how tall you are, where you are from, what music you like to listen to, or what you like. I don’t know why you’re here, what you’re thinking as you read this, or if I’ll ever meet you in this life. What I do know is that I love you more tenderly than any one person should ever possibly love another human being.

I love the way you laugh, I love the way you cry. I love when you dance, I love when you sing. I love the way you walk, I love the way you smell. I love the shape of your face, I love the sound of your voice. I love everything you are and I love everything you ever will be. I love that I love you and I love that you love me too.

You’re out there somewhere and I’m out here waiting. It’s been a long time, but forever always is. When you find this, you’ll know we’re one step closer. We’re just not ready yet, that’s all. The wait is almost over. Hang on. Be patient. I promise. If you’re wondering who I am, close your eyes and I’m there. I’ll be where I always am. You’ll be where you always are. One day they’ll be the same. One day I’ll find you and you’ll find me too. Wait for that day, that someday after today. Wait for the day I can call you my own. It will be here, someday.


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