Improving your personality will improve your sales performance: People like to do business with people they like.

Sales is a numbers game. The more potential clients you reach, the more sales you will make. But this doesn’t mean you can ignore quality in favor of quantity. Deploy a few basic strategies and you can make every sales call count!

Improving your personality will improve your sales performance: People like to do business with people they like.

Smile when dialing: People can sense your happiness.

Expectant attitudes achieve excellent results. Think positive. Expect to make the sale. Weasel words are a waste. Don’t beg (weasel) for business!

Winning words are powerful. Think before you speak. Sell with emotion. Use words that paint pictures in the prospect’s mind. Remember: It is not what you say, but how you say it.

Consistent calls create consistent cash: Make more calls. Come in early. Work a plan. Speak to sell. Outside salespeople are able to watch body language to assist their sales efforts. A telemarketer’s tool is his or her voice. Learn how to do magical things with your voice: Talk louder, softer, faster, slower, in effect mirroring the client’s voice using inflections and tones where the client is most comfortable.

Time ticks away. The average person wastes 15 minutes an hour.

Formats form fabulous fortunes. Using a prepared script is OK. A mapped-out cross-country trip is a good analogy. You start with a road map, follow the numbers on the map, occasionally get off the road to eat, etc. But then get right back on the map-directed trip. So, it is OK to use a somewhat memorized script, but then you can deviate as needed to answer objections.

Making decisions makes dough. Decisions are emotional, so sometimes it is tough for your customers to make the decision to buy your products or services. Remember that you have to ask for the order. Help your customers decide on the order with questioning techniques.

High energy reaps high earnings. If you don’t have and don’t demonstrate energy and enthusiasm when calling on clients, you won’t be very successful. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Three times scores three points. Use the customer’s name at least three times during the presentation, and you will increase your chance of selling.

Use anything, but H.A.Y.T. (How are your today?) You are a professional salesperson. The first few words give a first impression. “Mr. Brown, I am talking to you about an opportunity that will help you….”

Create desire in the first fifteen seconds of the call. They are business people who don’t have a lot of time for chit chat. Your opening statement should immediately address what your program is going to do for them.

Blow by “brush offs.” Teach yourself to welcome the word “No.” Most negative responses are reflex responses said out of habit, instead of real intent. Potential clients who respond with “We’re not interested, come back later” will continue these negative responses because they work. There are many ways to overcome those responses. “I can understand why you might not be interested today. Let’s discuss what ……” All you are looking for is permission to proceed.

Talk like they talk. During your conversation, jot down some words you hear in “their language.” It will help you later because the client will feel comfortable. And they will believe that you have a better understanding of things if you mirror words or language patterns that are specific to their product or industry.

Overwhelming wants overpower needs. Studies show that people don’t buy what they need. They tend to buy what they want. Good salespeople sell to wants and needs. When selling, create a thirst. Don’t just pour water down their throats.

An alternate is alluring. Always have options in your presentation: an alternate campaign, an alternate size. Focus on getting the client started. Once the relationship is solid, you then can get them more consistent, bigger upgrades or a longer contract.

Pausing perfects performance. Learn how to pause for effect. Think about actors, singers, even great golfers who pause at the top of their back swing. Pausing keeps things natural and allows you to breathe properly; thereby helping you relax.

Let them sell themselves. After presenting, go ahead and attempt a trial close.

“I” Irates. Keep the word “I” to a minimum in a sales presentation. Do you really think the client cares what you may think about your product? Use testimonials or third-hand references. “One of our consistent clients has gotten great response”

Think stinks. “What do you think?” can create awkward responses. It is closed-ended versus “How do you feel about this?” or “How do you feel about a ……” The last two questions are emotional — the first one asks for facts. Sales are made based on emotion supported by logic.


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