Thoughts on the Day I knew I fell in Love

I find myself for the first time since we” ve have met at a loss for word. I don’t know how to describe what is taking place inside my heart. Being with you has become a necessity. I must be with you. The feel of your body lying next to mine is indescribable. Your warmth is like a blanket covering me and shielding me from the icy winds of life. I welcome the opportunity to spend time with you and I wait ever so impatiently to once again be by your side

I love you and because i love you I feel an immense want to make love to you. To experience your essence and drown myself in your womanhood. If i did not love you, I would never have allowed myself to try . The ecstasy of your profound femininity has been ingested by my soul by through the course of this love. Savoring a womans most sacred and divine possession is not something that is done casually. Love has to play a role . I call it your most divine possession because that’s what it is. Only you can decide who to share it with . Its is sacred because when the time comes It will be the threshold by which a human life will enter the world. From this moment on I am sworn to uphold , cherish , protect and worship your body and the ground upon which it walks There is no turning back now

The mystery of your immaculate physique will continue to unfold before me and though I am trying hard to be patient the waiting is unbearable
One thing I will promise you is that time will not erode or diminish this relentless desire I feel for you . On the contrary , time will only to serve to enhance and augment my craving aspiration to share the remainder of my existence with you. Each day that transpires will be better than the last. Each minute that passes will be a moment of tranquility of pure and unadulterated bliss. If there will ever be a time when we do not see eye to eye I will sacrifice my selfish pride and it will be our interest that i will have in mind . Yours and mine will evolve into ours.

The woman who I have desperately and patiently through the years of my life has arrived. She supersedes everything and every one that has affected my life . Because she is here my beliefs and goals have altered their course. Much of what I thought I knew is now null and void. I have embarked on a new and spectacular journey. It is called Paradise

You my love have given my life new meaning. I know now that the purpose of my life is to make you the happiest woman in the world and to safe guard this beautiful gift that life has bestowed on me. I will do what ever it takes to protect and keep our love. I will defend and cherish you with my very life. I will sacrifice my very last breath to make sure that your security and safety are not compromised and will do what ever it takes to shelter your beauty, your grace, and never let any harm come to you.
I love you and adore you and I know its only the beginning but my love has no limits and I can fall it growing every breath. I want to grow old with you. I want us to build a foundation and make it solid and indestructible. I have waited so long to hear these worlds also from your tender lips. We will take this one day at a time I promise. We shall grow together as one so come glimpse into my heart because there is more wonders in it to be hold because I love you and I am humbled that you want me also


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