Things that will put Romance in your life

When I was in Memphis I met a homeless man who was in love. He had holes in his shoes and his clothes were old but he had stars in his eyes. So in Honor of him , I decided to put together a few things that I have learned read or have done throughout the years. The word “spouse” is interchangeable with girlfriend/boyfriend or partner. So I hope that who ever reads this finds all the love that they need.

Ask your spouse out for a date. Make the destination a surprise. Dress up and put in some nice cologne. Go outside and ring the door bell to pick up your date or get a limo

After a night or romance get up early and make your spouse their favorite breakfast. If you have a rose or flower left over put it between your teeth. Now make a dramatic entrance

Put sticky notes inside their car that say “I love you”

Buy tickets or gift certificates for you and your spouse to do something that your spouse really likes to do. If you normally wouldn’t be to thrilled to go get into it this time …if its sports buy yourself and your spouse some clothing …if its Broadway buy the best tickets that you can afford

Give your spouse a full body massage or buys spa gift certificate. Play soft music and concentrate on being slow and gentle

Send flowers and it doesn’t have to always be the man buying flowers for the woman….or send a bouquet of balloons or a basket of cookies

Look up your spouses favorites TV show and turn on the music before he or she even approaches the remote

Prepare a candle lit bubble bath …chill a bottle of champagne or sparkling grape juice. Bring the beverage two glasses and some chocolate dipped strawberries to enjoy in the tub

Leave a trail of Hershey kisses to a secret rendezvous spot. He or she will enjoy the hunt for you. When they arrive give her a foot massage

Write you’re a spouse a love letter. Give it to her with a hug and a kiss before going to work

Book a hotel or bed and breakfast for a surprise weekend getaway. Tell her that she will buy every thing she needs on the road. Keep the site a secret until you get there. A trip to Paris would be ideal if you can afford it

Spend a night without Television

Grab your spouse for 5 or ten minutes and tell her how much you love admire and cherish her

Pack a picnic dinner , go to a romantic spot and watch the sunset . Tell your spouse how much you cherish them . Explain to them what you have done and say

“I really do love and I am glad that you are in my life”


My Wish for all, ” Live Life for Its still a Wonderful World no matter what ”

Part of a Eulogy I gave for a family member who recently passed away

Nelson Mandela wrote
‘ you are a child of God. Your Playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you . We are born to manifest the glory of God that is in us . It is not just in some of us, its is in everyone, and as we let our light shine , we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same . As we’re liberated from our own fear our presence automatically liberates others.

When I first read and pondered these thoughts I began to see the simplicity in those elegant words . We are the conductors of our own symphony. But unless we believe in the light within that sound is never heard. The truth is the “average person is potentially as creative as the CEO who sits in a big office. But the problem is the person on the bottom doesn’t trust in himself and doesn’t believe in his own light. So the choice is yours. You can choose to access your light by getting in touch with your passion and pursuing people and activities that ignite your light, or you can choose to trudge through life in a state of endurance missing most of what you experience . You see these people every day. If life was a symphony they would hear the notes but miss the genius. If life were a rare gem they would see the color but pay no attention to the cut
To live without your light is to live life with out fully experiencing the wonders, drama, and excitement. Engage life and the passions of life and you will find your light.

We all share this small planet We all cherish our dreams and those we love. We all breathe the same air and we are all mortal . Celebrate life everyone even those who are gone because in the end when we all have to hand in our ticket the question will be as it is for us all “Did we live or did we merely exist”? . In the words from the group “Rare Earth ” I just want to celebrate another day of living”