Musings on the Jesse James Interview

Seeing the Jesse James interview about cheating on Sandra Bullock, I’m reminded what my father always told me that “You are a man based on how well you cloth, feed, love your children and take care of your woman”. There was no other definition . You think you can get away with it. The little man on your shoulder tells you “its all good ‘ no one will know but you”. But in the real world, you don’t get away with it because even if …you… are the only one who knows, that is enough to destroy you.

Watching that event I was reminded by what I was told. Being a man is difficult enough in today’s world . Society is spinning fast. But your worth cannot be measured through the eyes of multiple women. You are a man based on your laughter your knowledge, your dreams, your capacity for love ,your tears, your pain, by how your children/lover feel about you and by how you feel about yourself. Your actions are a reflection of who you are. If you bring a child into this world and you are not involved in their life or if you “cheat’ on your commitment to another than you are not who you think you are. If your marriage or your “other” is not your sole concern then you are cheating on life also. In the end the legacy that you will have is all about character. ” Daddy” had very little to do with it.

Years in the military led me to realize that you cant judge yourself in the world of women. There will always be someone unattainable. Unfortunately that’s how STALKERS arise. You judge yourself in the world of men how you compete and how far you can rise
Always remember that when you think you can get away with it; to the public world you may be one person, but to one person or many at home you may be the world.