Some Musings “The return of the Insane Clown Posse”

“I know what to do ” one says to another…  “We have to put the makeup on and get  back to work”   “Yes”  one says  while rubbing his chin  “let’s do it ”   So what do 3 fat white guys doing   “Gangster rap”  rap about .   I don’t know but they are back .  Are they going to rap about the mixing of face paint…is it going to be how 3 fat guys with  clown makeup on  doing gangster rap look  …insane.  All i know is that every time I see groups like Vanilla Ice , Northern Star  and Limp Biskit.   I am reminded of that old Chinese man in The movie Gremlins when he hands mogogi to Zach Galligan and says to take care if it ….they’re not up to the responsibility.   Hey what ever happened to Fred Durst


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